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Heart To Heart

     Heart to Heart is a drama that took me by surprise. I was looking for a benign drama to watch in between angst-laden drama
watching and came across this one. It was charming and cute.

     It’s about Cha Hong Do played by Choi Kang Hee who suffers from Social Anxiety Disorder which leads to severe blushing in her case. She lives a reclusive life. Hong Do has a crush on a police detective named Jang Do Soo played by Lee Jae Yoon for the last seven years.  She leaves  him gifts, food and notes but she avoids him due to her condition.

     Later she meets Go Yi Seok (Chun Jung Myung), a self-centred psychiatrist who also suffers from deep inferiority.  He comes from a dysfuctional family crippled by the death of his brother years back. She seeks help from him to cure her from severe blushing. 

     What I love about these two is the honesty they have.  Chemistry was also undeniable.  It was refreshing to see characters in a drama honestly ask and communicate their feelings to each other. The characters were free from pretense and ulterior motives. This is not your love at first sight kind of love story. They even slept together before their true feelings are revealed. It was a joy to see these two characters slowly falling in love with each other and discovering it together.  

Another bonus would be the second leads.  It was fun watching their love story. Go Se Ro (Ahh So-Hee), the younger sister of our main lead falls for our police detective.  They are just perfect for each other.

*spoilers* The last few episodes would reveal that our two main character’s past is entangled. (Of course the much needed conflict in any drama…)  

    So if you want a break from crazy plots,this drama would definitely be a source of comfort.

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Cantabile Tomorrow

  This is one drama that I would not mind watching again.  I really like it.   It’s the kind of drama that is an easy, breezy watch.

  It’s the Korean adaptation of the Japanese manga Nodame Cantabile.I haven’t seen the Japanese version yet.  It stars Joo Won.  It’s my first time to watch a drama with Joo Won in it and I am absolutely enamoured.  He plays Cha Yoo Jin an arrogant,cold and talented student at a prestigious music school who has a phobia of flying in an airplane.  Though talented, his advancement is hindered by his phobia.  

Shim Eun Kyung plays Sul Nae Il an eccentric and a very talented pianist who can play a piece just by listening.  Due to a childhood trauma she is unable to fully show her talent.  She also happens to be the next door neighbor of Cha Yoo Jin.  A case of opposite attracts.  Together they discover friendship, love and life.

Aside from these two characters the supporting cast is amazing. It’s like Glee but instead of Pop music it’s Classical music. Though it’s far from perfect (especially the execution of the last two episodes) it was heartwarming and refreshing.  So if you happen to suffer from existential crisis from watching an angst filled drama then this can be your cure. This drama left a smile on my face. 🙂


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It’s Okay, That’s Love

    One of the dilemmas a Kdrama fan goes through is choosing the next drama to watch.  A lot of factors goes into that final choice.  Personally, current mood is my main basis of choosing what to watch next.So finally I decided to watch It’s Okay It’s Love.  It has been on my “to watch list” for sometime now.

    This drama is about a bestselling writer named Jang Jae-yeol played by the dashing Jo In Sung.  He is obsessive compulsive. Behind his cheery exterior is a dark past.  He meets Ji Hae Soo (Gong Hyo Jin) who is a psychiatrist. She is career driven and suffers from anxiety when it comes to intimacy.

    The drama is about these two finding love while battling their inner demons.  A great ensemble cast who also suffers from different mental health issues.

    I felt that the drama tried to cover a lot of the disorders under DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders). If there is one thing that the drama successfully conveyed to viewers is the reality that those who suffer from metal illness should not be shunned.  We should be able to put ourselves in their shoes. We are all the same.We all crave for love and understanding.  The issues the drama tackled is indeed quite serious but it was able to achieve balance with the fun banters among the characters.  It was a good play of light and heavy which I definitely like.

    The chemistry between Gong Hyo Jin and Jo In Sung was pretty amazing!!!!And their love story sends a message of hope for everyone. Lee Gwang Soo’s and Sung Dong-il’s character made the drama work.  Having these four under one roof was something I enjoyed watching. This is a definite must watch.

    This drama reminded me of a line from the movie Girl Interrupted.  The line goes, “Crazy isn’t broken, it’s you and me, amplified.”



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A Hundred Year Legacy


I watched this drama a few months back. It's about Min Chae Won played by Eugene. She is a woman married to a man whose family owns a large corporation. And of course we have a heroine whose husband cheats and she is under the mercy of a cruel mother in law. When she finally decides to divorce her husband , her MIL plotted to have her institutionalized into a mental health facility. This was even hidden from her immediate family. Eventually she was able to rejoin her family. She later meets Lee See Yon played by the dashing, Lee Jung Jin.

Chae Won is the eldest granddaughter of a family who runs a noodle shop for three generations. The Grandfather is looking for the rightful son/ daughter who will continue to run the noodle shop. This prompted him to come up with the plot to chose the rightful heir.Unfortunately, his children have different motivations. This was interesting to watch because the reactions of the family members to the idea of inheritance is realistic.Personal interest takes priority over familial obligations. Another thing that I liked is the fact that Lee See Yon was a guy who can outsmart the Monster MIL with her constant plotting.

Downside is it's a 50 episode drama. But nevertheless it's an interesting watch especially if you have time to kill and you need a break from other fast paced drama.