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A Peek on Divergent

It has been a hectic week for my little girl, so had to immerse myself into “stage mommy role”. 🙂 I haven't watch drama episodes for the past week. But was able to watch two movies. 🙂 (Divergent, Captain America Winter Soldier).


I love the book series by Veronica Roth. I remember when I read Divergent the first time I really wished that it will be made into a movie. On the other hand, when this movie did come out I had a lot of hesitation. Why? It's because I've been crash and burned a few times. It means that there were wonderful books before that was made into a movie that ended up disappointing me. A classic example is the Percy Jackson Series. I love the stories so much but the movie did not live up to the book. *sigh

So with my fingers crossed, I decided to watch Divergent. I am glad to share that the movie was alright. It was able to capture the critical points of the book version brought with it. I like this movie better than Hunger Games.

The story is set in the future where a society live as members of factions to keep the peace. There are five factions which includes Erudite, Abnegation, Amity, Candor and Dauntless. Each faction plays an integral role in this society. So when a person turns sixteen he/she has to take a test and the result will tell him/ her the faction he/she should belong. In short the faction the person is born in may not be the faction for him/her when they turn 16. Similar to the hat in Harry Potter. 🙂

Tris Prior is a Divergent which means she doesn't fit in one particular faction but has characteristics befitting more than one faction. In a place where faction is deemed important a divergent is viewed as a threat.

A story with a sinister plot. It depicts a supposedly ideal society vs. human nature. For someone who read the book there were parts were the movie seems to drag. Some of the scenes were unable to show the underlying drive of the characters. But the thing that I like about it is that it did not deviate too much from the book version. 🙂 And of course, Theo James fits his role as Four. It doesn't hurt that he looks awesome. :).