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Heart To Heart

     Heart to Heart is a drama that took me by surprise. I was looking for a benign drama to watch in between angst-laden drama
watching and came across this one. It was charming and cute.

     It’s about Cha Hong Do played by Choi Kang Hee who suffers from Social Anxiety Disorder which leads to severe blushing in her case. She lives a reclusive life. Hong Do has a crush on a police detective named Jang Do Soo played by Lee Jae Yoon for the last seven years.  She leaves  him gifts, food and notes but she avoids him due to her condition.

     Later she meets Go Yi Seok (Chun Jung Myung), a self-centred psychiatrist who also suffers from deep inferiority.  He comes from a dysfuctional family crippled by the death of his brother years back. She seeks help from him to cure her from severe blushing. 

     What I love about these two is the honesty they have.  Chemistry was also undeniable.  It was refreshing to see characters in a drama honestly ask and communicate their feelings to each other. The characters were free from pretense and ulterior motives. This is not your love at first sight kind of love story. They even slept together before their true feelings are revealed. It was a joy to see these two characters slowly falling in love with each other and discovering it together.  

Another bonus would be the second leads.  It was fun watching their love story. Go Se Ro (Ahh So-Hee), the younger sister of our main lead falls for our police detective.  They are just perfect for each other.

*spoilers* The last few episodes would reveal that our two main character’s past is entangled. (Of course the much needed conflict in any drama…)  

    So if you want a break from crazy plots,this drama would definitely be a source of comfort.


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5 thoughts on “Heart To Heart

  1. I glanced at this drama but wasn’t sure about it. But after reading this it sounds like it is exactly what I’m looking for. I’ve been away from dramaland for a bit and have wanted a breezy drama to ease back in with. Great review!


  2. What a journey! Such a priceless gem! The little melodrama after the first half was executed far from the ordinary and the OTP’s acting was superb. Two people slowly falling in love after having comforting sex (wow, a casual fling in a k-drama! How bizarre, right?). What I’ve noticed was the first half’s constant physical contact (seemed to me as a well-rehearsed choreography by an artistic director) which was so realistic and humane in its own peculiar way. Violent touching, sexual frustration and heroin’s OCD was used as a canvas to this unexpected relationship
    After the drama’s finale I kept wondering why those two actors haven’t been cast in more projects; they are young enough, real-life beautiful and amazing artists! 🙂
    The drama’s OST was one of the best I’ve ever heard in a k-drama for a long time. Well done, tvN! That’s the reason I’ve fallen for you…I’m still in love even after you’ve caused me some serious heartaches lately! After all love can endure anything, right? 😉

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