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Cantabile Tomorrow

  This is one drama that I would not mind watching again.  I really like it.   It’s the kind of drama that is an easy, breezy watch.

  It’s the Korean adaptation of the Japanese manga Nodame Cantabile.I haven’t seen the Japanese version yet.  It stars Joo Won.  It’s my first time to watch a drama with Joo Won in it and I am absolutely enamoured.  He plays Cha Yoo Jin an arrogant,cold and talented student at a prestigious music school who has a phobia of flying in an airplane.  Though talented, his advancement is hindered by his phobia.  

Shim Eun Kyung plays Sul Nae Il an eccentric and a very talented pianist who can play a piece just by listening.  Due to a childhood trauma she is unable to fully show her talent.  She also happens to be the next door neighbor of Cha Yoo Jin.  A case of opposite attracts.  Together they discover friendship, love and life.

Aside from these two characters the supporting cast is amazing. It’s like Glee but instead of Pop music it’s Classical music. Though it’s far from perfect (especially the execution of the last two episodes) it was heartwarming and refreshing.  So if you happen to suffer from existential crisis from watching an angst filled drama then this can be your cure. This drama left a smile on my face. 🙂