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A Hundred Year Legacy


I watched this drama a few months back. It's about Min Chae Won played by Eugene. She is a woman married to a man whose family owns a large corporation. And of course we have a heroine whose husband cheats and she is under the mercy of a cruel mother in law. When she finally decides to divorce her husband , her MIL plotted to have her institutionalized into a mental health facility. This was even hidden from her immediate family. Eventually she was able to rejoin her family. She later meets Lee See Yon played by the dashing, Lee Jung Jin.

Chae Won is the eldest granddaughter of a family who runs a noodle shop for three generations. The Grandfather is looking for the rightful son/ daughter who will continue to run the noodle shop. This prompted him to come up with the plot to chose the rightful heir.Unfortunately, his children have different motivations. This was interesting to watch because the reactions of the family members to the idea of inheritance is realistic.Personal interest takes priority over familial obligations. Another thing that I liked is the fact that Lee See Yon was a guy who can outsmart the Monster MIL with her constant plotting.

Downside is it's a 50 episode drama. But nevertheless it's an interesting watch especially if you have time to kill and you need a break from other fast paced drama.