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Hotel King Episode 20-21 Thoughts

JW got his job back as GM. Honestly, I would have wanted JW away from Ciel for a short period of time for him to plan well before he make his comeback. But I guess it is not happening at this point. On the other hand, I am totally digging that Mo Ne came back as a maid for Ciel. This actually shows her growing strength. She finally realized how important Ciel is. She takes on the job with her own brand of enthusiasm.

Despite Baek’s trying to set her up for failure she still thrives. MN digging through the trash is a far cry from the Chairwoman MN.

Loman is suspecting that JW is his hyung and tries to find out about the truth. The VC gets a wind of this news. When Loman first appeared in the story he seemed to be someone who is level headed. But there were times when I wanted to strangle him for tolerating his “mom’s plan”.

Another thing that irked me is when JW sent the reporter to Baek with the intention to rattle her. They are playing a childish game of tit for tat. JW could have used that ace later in the game but unfortunately he showed his hand. VC found out about the video. He sets up JW and JW gets beaten up. He manipulated the circumstance to implicate Loman at the same time tries to play hero. Baek and the VC deserves each other.

In episode 21, MN gets a call from the hospital on JW’s condition. She is frantic but later decides to call CK to see him despite WH encouraging her to see JW. JW wakes up and imagines MN at his bedside but later realizes it is actually CK. Despite the beating he got the first thing on his mind is still MN. CK is irritated and assures him that MN is alright.

Loman sees MN trashing his place for hat he supposedly did to JW. He is surprised with the accusation. Loman suspects it is the VC behind all this and goes to see him. The VC wants Loman to work with him and demands only one thing that he gets his position back.

JW leaves the hospital and seeks Loman out to warn him that he will return the favor. JW figures out that Loman even suspects Baek as a murderer. Loman tells him that if he doesn’t hurt Baek, he will do anything. JW tells him that it is too late. At this point I am still not sure what is Loman’s motivation. Is he scared that Baek finds her true son or is he scared that JW will be hurting his real mother or he doesn’t want Baek to find his real son or he gets the boot. I hope the last one is not the reason.JW sees MN at his place trying to fix the robot. He suggested that they clean up together. JW tells her that Baek was with her father the night he died and he was actually on his way to the police station to request for the reinvestigation of the case with the new evidence. Unfortunately, the evidence was taken from him. MN tells him that it is her fault that he got hurt. She tries to control her tears but JW tells her to cry. MN tells him that she does not have the right to cry in front of him. Aaaaaaawwww…. She crumbles and JW gives her a BACKHUG.

JW places a tracker under Baek’s car. Baek sees MN in her office. MN taunts Baek with a veiled threat that there are lots of eyes at Ciel.

Power bloggers are checking in at Ciel and we know that trouble is brewing. A guest is brought in by Baek and pass him off as her nephew but in reality he is a potential buyer of Ciel which later both JW and MN discovers. The guest becomes a victim of food poisoning and a new traitor is revealed. He is one of JW hand picked staff. He is working under Baek. Tsk…tsk…

We now have a vicious cycle of an eye for an eye but nobody really wins. My feelings for the storyline is ambivalent. There are times that the episodes are riveting and it will be followed by something that would frustrate me. On the brighter side it still makes an interesting watch. 🙂

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Hotel King Episode 19 Review


Mo Ne gets fired and her last hope is her position as shareholder. Even that was taken away by Baek. Apparently Chairman Ah took on a loan and the deadline for payment has come to pass. The debt is worth MN’s hotel shares.

Rock bottom is where we are. She is desperate and even ran to CK to lend her some money but CK can’t help her. Mo Ne is disillusioned. JW wants to help her but she brushes him off. She tries to call a shareholders meeting but nobody came. Baek comes to see her and reminds her that she has no one to blame but herself. Ouch.

Baek looks at her reflection and we get to see what happened to her. She survived the car accident but got burned beyond recognition hence the new face.

A gathering is being prepared to present the new Chair. During Baek’s speech MN comes in and trashes the table and gets drag out.



I have to say that I admire Lee Da Hae’s acting. Even though we expected the next scenes but how it was acted just moves you. LDW reaction while she cries in despair was moving too. *sniff sniff His eyes just tells you that he wants to comfort her but he understands that he can’t.

Mo Ne leaves and goes to the place where she and JW stayed before. Loman tells Baek that she must be happy that she got what she wants now. Baek tells him that it isn’t done. She wants everyone she hates leave this earth without a trace. Uh oh!!!

Such a picturesque scene. It was beautiful and heart wrenching to see JW figured out where MN is and comes to see her. JW proposes that they go to America together and forget everything. If only things were that easy. MN obviously refused. MN takes a walk and JW silently follows her. *sniff sniff

Baek is waiting for the new GM. JW comes in and calmly ask for his job back. He tells the new Chairwoman that the person she hired was not coming. I guess some strings were pulled and Baek suspects that CK is helping JW out.

JW goes to see Loman and we have a sauna off… Literally, hot guys sweating in the sauna. JW request Loman to work again as Ciel’s GM. JW is determined to remain at Ciel. As Loman gets out he saw the tattoo on JW’s back and he is in disbelief. He recalls his hyung from his past. He can’t believe that Jayden is alive….


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Hotel King Episode 17 & 18 Thoughts


Since I've been away, I have been doing a lot of catching up with dramaland which includes Hotel King. Slowly more secrets are revealed including Chairman's Ah missing journals which Baek now holds. With the help of Loman the VC is released. I am not surprise with his release. Baek was right when she said that prison is too easy for the VC. In episode 17, Baek continues to plot against Mo Ne. She is planning to ruin the scheduled concert in Hotel Ciel. But she appears to be helping out Mo Ne with the concert but obviously using the activity to bring Mo Ne down. Baek is playing both sides.

Mo Ne finally founds out the connection between the VC and Jae Wan. The VC is trying to use MN feelings for JW to get what he wants. After finding out MN could not forgive herself for falling for the enemy. She finally decides to stand up to JW. With new resolve MN is determined to run Ciel. Finally, her backbone is growing.

JW is busy with fishing out Baek. He discovers the bug during the concert preparation and figured out that Baek has ears all over the hotel. These two exchange veiled threats. Watching them makes me think that JW can't win against Baek, not yet anyway. But one thing is for sure, JW won't let this one slide. On the other hand, I am wondering if Baek is cunning as she is, why is it she hasn't figure out the connection of JW to her…..

Mo Ne finds out about WH's dad. As expected she feels betrayed again by a friend. But am glad that by the end of the episode MN forgives him.

JW finds out that the VC is released and that Mo Ne must have something to do with it. He confronts her and finds out that she knows who his father is. JW is given the chance to explain and defends himself but decided not to. Mo Ne tells him that they should no longer see each other and he is fired. I do like that this is happening because if JW lose MN and his job at this point he becomes the man with nothing to lose but more to gain. He could fight back on his own terms. At the same time MN will learn to defend herself. This is the way for these two OTP to be together in the end.

The VC is released and he was surprised to see Loman. He drives him to meet Baek and we see the VC kneels in front of her. OH how the tables have turned.


In episode 18, JW is devastated that his heartbreak turned into physical pain. He got sick. CK finds out and seeks him out and sees him sick. JW tells her that let him be sick for him to survive. CK goes to see MN and demands that she take responsibility for JW. We finally understand the nature of CK and JW past relationship. Mo Ne is keeping her resolve though we know how hard this is for her.

The next day MN goes to see the VC and basically kick him out of Ciel. I enjoyed watching MN giving the VC a threat and showing him that she has won over her trauma with birds. I so love it when she said that she is giving back all the love he has given her and her family. Eat that VC.

The VC meets up with Baek and now he works for her. She wants him to distract JW and she will take care of MN. JW has one week to wrap all things up in Ciel. He finally returns the watch of Chairman Ah to Mo Ne recognizing her as the rightful owner. He wished her well.

JW is trying to dig out things on Baek and Loman. So what happened to the concert? During rehearsal all the equipment went haywire and overloaded. Concert was cancelled. The artist was pissed off . JW tries to sort out the mess but MN would not have it. She kneels in front of the artist to apologize. This made JW angry and storms out to find Baek. He finally discovers the secret door to Baek's quarters. Loman notices that his mother is going easy on JW. She tells him that JW has lived a painful life too. He suspects that this is all Baek's doing.

Baek's plan is slowly being carried out. The incident during the rehearsal is being attributed to poor construction. Uh oh… I think this is being staged for MN to take the fall. JW figures this out that he wanted Cha Su Wan not to bring MN to the office. JW faces the board in behalf of MN and Baek keeps the ball rolling. MN gets a call from. Baek telling her when is she going to stop hiding behind JW's back. MN is angry at JW but as she goes he stops her and tells him that the VC is not responsible for what happened but it is Baek.

The VC is using Baek's picture as target practice. JW warns the VC not to get involve with Baek and threatens him. MN goes to see Baek but she is prepared and directs suspicion back to JW and the VC. AAAaaaaarrrgggghhhh!!!

A video has come up to JW's attention taken during Chairman A h's death. He asked someone to enhance it. A woman was there during the death of the Chairman. HE zooms in and figures it is Baek and recognises the necklace that he has seen in her quarters. He rushes and grabs Baek to his car. He now know's Baek's weakness.. He drives the car fast and Baek starts to sweat and panics.She loses control and begs him to stop. Oh how I love that her weakness is discovered by JW. Loman was driving after them and when JW stopped the car he gets punched by Loman. He threatens JW and JW threatens them back. Baek breaks down but when she finally gathers her composure she calls someone on the phone to go ahead with the plan. Obviously, she is pissed.

The next day JW rushes MN since he finds out that a secret meeting is being held by the board. she rushes in and finds Baek sitting on the Chairman's chair. Oh no! Mo Ne is going to be fired….

The best teacher is experience. Mo Ne is going to hit rock bottom. This would be a blessing in disguise for Mo Ne. She will have to gather strength in order to get back the things she loss. Like I said earlier if our OTP is no longer scared because they have nothing to lose then they have better chances of going up against their formidable opponents.

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Happy Memories

Whew! I'm finally back to the humdrum of things. Am so glad to be coming back to dramaland. I so miss it. Have a lot of catching up to do especially with Hotel King. I will be catching up with the episodes and of course blogging about it.

I was so happy to spend my family vacay and birthday in Singapore and Malaysia. We had so much fun especially my child. Making memories is one of the best gifts we could give our children. Hoping to visit two more countries before this year ends.

But am so excited to be back to watching dramas. LOL… So any suggestions on what's good to watch?