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I have been out of blogosphere for almost a month now. Been missing it a lot. So what have kept me out of it the past few weeks ? Went on a week long vacation with my family and had to be with my child for the start of the school year from where I am. My doctor also has ordered me to get some rest. Got sick from all the multi-tasking.

Nevertheless, still was able to sneak in some drama watching. *wink wink… I was able to finish 100 Years Legacy followed by another 50 eps of You are the Best Lee Soon Shin. The past week was able to finish Bride of the Century and Sungkyunkwan Scandal. Another fam vacation is coming up that I am truly excited about. So I need to get well. I plan to write some reviews of those that I recently finished once I get back. And of course to my fellow Hotel King fans will go back to reviewing the episodes by JULY. :). I truly have to follow my doctor's order to take it easy. 🙂

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Hotel King Episode 16 Thoughts

Secrets, revenge, and revelations are the main ingredients for this episode. Finally, the VC is getting a taste of what he deserves. It was satisfying to watch his true colors revealed to the people closest to him. The seed of doubt has been planted to his wife and daughter’s mind. The VC was also arrested for tax evasion. I felt that this is just too soon. I mean I would love to see him arrested but it must be for a heavier crime other than tax evasion. I’m sure this is just temporary and he’ll be able to still get out and seek revenge on JW. The last blow that the VC received is when JW called him father. The look on the VC’s face was priceless.


For JW, it must have been painful to witness another person deny him as his son. But really what could he expect from someone like the Vice Chair. I just felt that JW just revealed his hand too soon. It seemed like everything was just a temporary solution to the problem. He could have plan out his revenge in a more calculated manner ensuring the VC’s demise with no loopholes for the man to crawl out.


I admired Mo Ne when she was confronted by the VC if she was responsible for what happened in the charity event and she stood up to him making sure she did not sell out JW. She wanted to redirect the VC anger to her. That was a pretty good move on her part. Nevertheless, I am still wishing more growth of her character without losing her innocence. Mo Ne finally got over her phobia of birds. This happened when she was trapped by the VC but fortunately JW gets trapped with her. JW coax her through her ordeal and came out phobia free. I guess this is the magic of drama. Reality is far from what was portrayed.


We are now slowly finding out the backstory of some of our characters. Friendship, love , betrayal ending up with a lot of them seeking revenge. We got to see young Baek, CEO Ah and the VC. Dir. Baek’s character was someone I admired in the early episodes now she is scaring me. She is a force to be reckoned with. A part of me is wishing that the fight should just be between her and the VC and not to include the children. I guess CEO Ah also contributed to the pain Baek Mi Yeon experienced. Just got to ask if Dir. Baek and Baek Mi Yeon of the past is one of the same? Is Loman really her son? What if she got it wrong and it’s actually JW.? I am just wondering… Too much pain rendering some of our characters lusting for revenge.

Another revelation is the identity of SWH. Now the hotel staff knows he is not just a mere concierge. His character has the potential to change the game. I’m hoping that his connection can help out Mo Ne.

I enjoyed seeing Loman and JW working together. If these two, CK and Mo Ne be on the same side then there is hope for Hotel Ciel. Loman admires JW and even starts to question Baek for her plans for JW. Our OTP finally finds out the relationship between Baek and Loman.

At this point in this story I hope the two main OTP will not run back to each other’s arms and have temporary happiness. They should endure first to ensure a happily ever after. Because if they get back together in the middle of the drama then they are bound to be driven apart again. Eliminating each of the obstacles should be accomplished first. We already know what is n their hearts so I would love to see how they use their brains to get out from all this mess and put the painful past behind.


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Hotel King Episode 15 Part Two

At the meeting Mo Ne raises her bid for the land against the Vice Chair. The Vice Chair is rattled as the bid goes higher. Evidently, he loves money and he doesn't want to lose a lot for a land. The Vice Chair demands for a break since the bidding is going overboard.

Mo Ne comes out and talks to JW. JW tells her to stop and give up. He even tells Mo Ne that even if she goes to the police and reports the recording it will still not hold due to lack of concrete evidence.

As JW is about to leave Mo Ne pleads with him to stop all this. He rejects her request. He tells her that whatever she do she won't win against them.

The staff are busy preparing for the show. This was fun to watch.

The Vice Chair is pissed off with the outcome of the meeting. He even wants SWH fired. The show preparation is being handled by JW. He tells the Vice Chair to get some rest and he will pick him up for the rehearsal the next day. Something is up.


Mo Ne sits on her bed and remembers JW rushing to help her and other things. I guess she is torn. She goes out and throws the robot at JW and slaps him twice. As she was about to slap him again JW stops her. JW asks her if she is done venting out her anger. She challenges JW to slap her back but JW refuse to. JW ask her if she is crazy. She replies yes she is crazy because of a man, she can't report to the police. JW agrees that she is crazy and she was easily seduced. He tells her that since she knows the truth she better go. Mo Ne thanks him because now he has given her reason to attack him.JW looks at the broken robot sadly.

We see JW on the phones scheduling a deal closure after the show by agreeing to the condition the other party asks. We see the robot fixed.

Mo Ne is jogging and CK joins her. CK asks her why is she alone and where is JW. Mo Ne replies “who is that?”. She is now acting as if he means nothing to her. CK tells her that it seems she dumped him and so she will get him and will not return him back to Mo Ne. Mo Ne stands firm. CK tells her that it pains her to admit that Mo Ne is the only woman that JW loves that he is willing to risk her life for. This stops Mo Ne. CK tells her that he is happy because of Mo Ne that is why she gave up. She tells Mo Ne that letting him go is worse and hope she does not regret her action.


JW comes to pick the Vice Chair. Mo Ne sees the two of them. Loman interrupts her reverie. She recalls the details Dir. Baek shared to her about Loman. She asks him what would it take for him to be on her side instead of the VC. He invites her to lunch.


The Vice Chair is doing the rehearsal. He is part of the magic show. He standing inside the box with slots for the swords. The magician asks JW to put in the sword in one of the slot. He looks at the VC. I guess JW is thinking of putting in the sword for real. Because I'm also thinking of the same thing. He gets instruction that the sword should be in the horizontal position so as not to harm the VC. JW does the opposite. This made the VC and the magician really nervous. JW looks fierce, with the sword in the slant JW inserts the sword but at the end straightened the sword out. Oh how I wish…hehe He found the VC's nervousness amusing.

JW sits on his desk and remembers what Mo Ne told him the last time. Cha Su Wan comes in. He was called in by JW. I guess he wants to know about Mo Ne. He tells her to forget it but Cha Su Wan tells him that MN is having lunch with Loman at Haemil. This gets a reaction from him.


JW comes in and sees the two at the restaurant. They exchange pleasantries. CK tries to cover for JW and tells them that he is there to meet with her. JW and CK eavesdrop on the conversation of Loman and MN. Loman tells he that he is to be convinced that she is trustworthy for him to decide about the investment. Mo Ne could not help but throw a barb about trust in JW 's way. Loman invites Mo Ne to show him around over the weekend. She agrees and JW is not pleased about this. JW trails Loman who is on his way to see Baek. But somehow Loman knows and surprises JW. He tells Loman that he should not be in this building since it is restricted. Loman comes up with an excuse. JW asks him why is he approaching the Chairman without heeding his previous warning. Loman tells him it is his personal interest and warns JW that he foes not do business with people who does not trust him. Dir. Baek interrupts the two.

When Baek and Loman is alone she tells him to be careful. He talks about Mo Ne and tells her that Mo Ne is willing to give him her shares. Baek tells him that Mo Ne is naive and tells him to get all her shares. Loman asks when he will start with the Vice Chair. Baek tells him it has already started with the Vice Chair.

The Vice Chair comes into his office and sees a note saying it is from Baek MiYeon who is apparently dead. Oh no… It must be the mom of either Loman or JW… Let us speculate for now… The VC is obviously rattled.

Cha Su Wan tells Mo Ne about the show suggesting that she should attend. She tells Mo none that JW has prepared for it and it could be interesting to watch.


The performance starts with the hotel staff. It was fun to watch. But it could not focus on it because I am anticipating the VC's performance. I can feel something is up. The magician helps the VC prepare. He sets up the mic and all. The performance starts and everyone is looking on including the VC's family and MN. It started out well with audience enjoying it. He gives candies to the kids. We all know he does not like kids. He gets a break from the performance and JW massages his shoulder. JW tells him that the kids looked pleased. He stops JW and continues to rant that only the poor goes crazy over tricks. JW replies that he thought he loved children. He tells JW that they beg for you to love them, they are impolite, dirty and like beggars.The VC does not know that his mic is still on and everyone in the audience has heard his rants including his family. Everyone in the audience is upset. The magician rans backstage and the VC comes out and sees the audience in uproar. His wife calls to him if he is the man that she knows. .. It is at this time he realizes that everyone has heard what he said… His daughter walks out and the media keeps on taking pictures…He rans after his daughter and falls. JW looks at him with a satisfied look in his face. Mo Ne sees him.

It is satisfying to see some karma going to the VC's way. It's about time. I really hate his two faced character. It was good to see the some truth about the VC revealed to his family. I'm a little bit nervous if this will bite JW in the next episode. I hope not. I'm also excited to find out who Baek Mi Yeon is. Is it Baek's sister or Baek herself… It would be interesting to see Baek vs. the VC. They are well matched in terms of how cunning they are. The rest are merely pawns in their power struggle. I hope we find out what motivates Baek.



I hope JW gets some break in the next episodes. He already has been through a lot. Just wants the guy to have some break from all this pain. I hope he comes up with a good plan to bring the VC down.

I could understand how conflicted Mo Ne is. She has been warned not to trust anyone. As far as I can see all she has to do is to trust her heart. Because her weakness may be her greatest strength in the end. I used to hate her naïveté and blind trust but this could help her not to give up on JW. I hope she realizes that getting strong by using her head is the only way for her to protect JW. She needs to become a formidable character without losing her innocence to stand up against these predators.


I truly admire CK's character. She is being consistent. She once said that she is on JW's side. She has proven that all she wants is for JW to be happy. She even goes out of her way to challenge M I Ne not to give up on him. I hope these two women get together and comes up with a good plan.


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Hotel King Episode 15 Review Part 1

I miss the kdrama world so much. Been out of it because I went on a vacation with my family. I was staying in a wonderful hotel and I just can't help but daydream about Lee Dong Wook coming out of the elevator. LOL! How I wish..hahaha So here is Episode 15……


While frantically searching, Mo Ne sees a gun. JW covers her eyes but Mo Ne is shocked and starts to wonder who JW really is. JW tries to touch her but she flees. JW comes after her but they ended up seeing the Vice Chair waiting outside JW's unit.

JW asks the Vice Chair as to why he is there. He tells them that he is worried about Mo Ne since she disappeared suddenly from the party. The Vice Chair thanks her for her gift. Mo Ne could not hold her anger and accuses the Vice Chair of being a murderer. She tells him that she has heard everything. She brings out the recorder and start to play it. Before it could finish JW takes the recorder and throws it. The Vice chair tells her that JW's voice is there too. The Vice Chair barks at Mo Ne for ignoring the truth about JW. He is painting JW as his accomplice. He implores JW to tell her the truth and Mo Ne tells him to stop and shut up. But JW tells her that the Vice Chair is right. I guess he is still trying to protect Mo Ne even if he knows he might lose her.

Mo Ne is shocked. The Vice Chair is patronising and tries to pat Mo Ne's face like a pet. But before he could do so , she spits on him. That was so satisfying to watch. The Vice Chair is angry and redirects his anger to JW. He raises his cane and tries to hit JW but Mo Ne stands in front of JW. This stops the Vice Chair. Mo Ne tells him that he is crazy.

The Vice Chair tries to regain his composure. He thanks her and tells her he is not scared if she is going to report him to the police since JW will be with him too.

He leaves. JW goes in but Mo Ne comes after him. She tells him that he must be hurting and begs him to tell her that everything she heard are lies and she will trust him.JW remains silent. She tells him that he must have been threatened by the Vice Chair to be doing all those things. Instead JW asks Mo Ne if she could forgive him. Mo Ne tells him that he has not done anything wrong. JW tells her that it is all true. Mo Ne protests that there must be a reason for his actions. A way out for JW but he did not take it. He tells her that there is no reason for his action. Mo Ne is in disbelief and becomes angry. She tells him that she will report them to the police. JW hands his phone and Mo Ne reports them. She leaves and throws the phone on the floor. JW hears that the number called is not a valid one.

Mo Ne goes into her unit and sees Bella the robot. She remembers what JW told her about the robot. She falls into her knees in front of the broken robot and says sorry. She is in despair and tells the robot that she doesn't know how to fix it and it must be hurting. She tells it not to die. I guess these are the words for JW. She cries.

JW looks at the gun. It is the bitter reminder of his past. We get a flashback as to how he was reminded by the Vice Chair about what he did. He protested that he wants to bring with him Ju Wan. Ju Wan is indeed alive. The Vice Chair tells him that he will be adopted by a good family and that Ju Wan was told that Jaden is gone. Cha Jae Wan was the name the Vice Chair gave him.

JW is tring to fix the robots that Mo Ne threw in her fit of anger. He gets a call from the Vice Chair telling him not to worry. JW is thinking that the cruelest thing that his dad did too him was not the lies and the threats. It is actually keeping him by his side.

The next day the gloves are off and the claws are out. Mo Ne contradicts all of JW's pans for the hotel. She calls for a meeting and openly throws veiled insults to JW in front of hotel staff. A cultural show is planned. Once outside the meeting she tells him she wants him to suffer with the Vice Chair and prison is not enough punishment for them.


Dir. Baek sees her sitting. Mo Ne ask her why she gave her the recorder when in fact she could have submitted it to the police. Baek tells her to stand up. She asks Mo Ne who she wants to attack first, the Vice Chair or JW.. or herself. Mo Ne tells her to stop criticizing her because it still hurts. She reminds her about not trusting anyone. Dir. Baek guess that she still wants to trust JW. Mo Ne tells her she does not know what to do since it seems he is hurt more than she is. Baek tells her that it is all delusion.

JW convinces the Vice Chair to support the event and see it as a means to improve his image.

Cha Su Wan informs Mo Ne that the Vice Chair and JW is meeting the head of Woo Jin farm. She rushes to leave. Cha SunWan offers to come with her but Mo Ne said she does not want her to be in a compromising position. It was actually JW who put up Cha Su Wan with the information. AAaawww JW is still trying to help Mo Ne.


Mo Ne goes to the farm but was brushed off. She stayed and worked in the barn to try and convince the owner not to sell to the Vice Chair.

SWH was called by his father to pick up Mo Ne but ended up helping her out. His father saw him smile because of Mo Ne.

The Vice Chair and GM is on his way to the farm. Their car is blocked by Mo Ne's car. We get a four off…SWH father comes and threatens to get Mo Ne out but SWH steps in and threatens his father that if he touches a hair on her head he will forever lose his son. I'm wondering that the three has not figure out that SWH is the farm owner's son. Duh?

JW invites her to the meeting instead. Mo Ne convinces SWH to leave her. Mo Ne joins the meeting.