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Dream High

I missed seeing Kim Soo Hyun and so I decided to watch Dream High ( a friend of mine is raving about this drama πŸ™‚ ) She was spot on because I truly enjoyed this. It was fun and inspiring.

The story revolves around six talented students of Kirin High School. Hye Mi is played by Suzy. At first, she seems heartless but talented. Underneath the tough exterior is a girl with a lot of responsibilities. She has to give up her dream in order to pay her father's loan and take care of her sister. It was interesting to see a girl who is used to being number 1 and ends up second best. Her journey to self-discovery by starting from the bottom and going back on top was inspiring.

Eun Jung plays Yoon Baek Hee. She is the meek and loyal best friend of Hye Mi. Unfortunately, because of Hye Mi's poor treatment of Baek Hee, she becomes vindictive and ends up as the rival of Hye Mi. She may have beaten Hye Mi during the audition at Kirin High but her insecurities are far from over. There were times that I truly hated her in this drama but other times she was just pitiful. Her character was also very pivotal to Hye Mi's realizations.


Taecyeon plays Jin Guk. He is somebody from Hye Mi's childhood who is also an illegitimate child of a very powerful person. His father wants to hide his existence. Right from the start of this drama Jin Guk and Hye Mi are being paired up. Hye Mi likes Jin Guk first before she realizes her feelings for Sam Dong. This guy has charisma.

Kim Soo Hyun plays Song Sam Dong. Sam Dong is a country boy who fell in love with Hye Mi at first sight. He followed Hye Mi to Kirin. Sam Dong is a gifted musician that has to battle a hearing problem in the drama. His character is full of innocence and wonder until he has to struggle with his medical condition. Kim Soo Hyun is a truly amazing actor. I have seen him in four dramas and this guy is consistently good. The acting and the singing is fantabulous. πŸ™‚

IU plays Kim Pil Suk. Pil Suk has a perfect pitch but had to struggle with weight issues in the drama. I loved her transformation here. Wooyoung plays Jason. Pil Suk and Jason is an adorable couple that I truly enjoyed watching. They match each other so well.


The professors were also a blast to watch. Love them, love them!!! I only have good things to say about this drama. It was light, heartwarming and fun to watch. The OST was brilliant and suits the drama so well. I have to be honest that I have been drained from watching dramas with sinister plots but this one was like a breath of fresh air. It was light but totally entertaining. I would not mind watching this drama again.



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5 thoughts on “Dream High

  1. I loved Dream High….such a nice tale of the success of the underdogs….I liked that each one of them had some weakness and how they got over it with the help of their teacher…Eom Ki joon who was simply awesome in this role….I agree about this drama being a breath of fresh air and free from all sinister plottings….even the loan shark becomes good in the end…and that last scene of flash mob was so good!

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      1. Hahaha.. It would have been lovely if the original cast starred in the sequel. Oh well I guess Dream High 2 is temporarily off my list. I’m saying temporarily coz I might want to see how bad it is. LOL


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