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Hotel King Episode 13 Review Part Two

SWH goes to see JW. He asks JW if he is now on the Vice Chair's side. He further asks why he is now fighting against the Chairman. JW tells him he has no time to satisfy his curiosity. SWH tells him that he won't follow through the unofficial task (taking care of Mo Ne) JW assigned to him. SWH tells him that Mo Ne may know the reason for JW's actio. He tells JW that he should not hurt the people JW loves. JW tells SWH that what he likes about him the most is the SWH does not live in reality just like the deceased Chair. SWH answers him that the Chair did no live in reality but tried to overcome it.

Cha Su Wan advises Mo Ne to leave. They hear people protesting. Instead of fleeing Mo Ne decides to go see the commotion. The protest is about Hotel Ciel killing small businesses. Earlier in the episode the Vice Chair has instructed JW to take care of a small scale supplier of Hotel Ciel. This is the backlash.

Mo Ne tries to start a dialogue with them but mayhem ensued. Eggs and stuff were thrown at her. JW sees all this but he is torn and rooted to the spot since the Vice Chair is also there. JW is helpless. Mo Ne silently wishes for JW to save her but all JW could do was instruct his staff to take care of this and he walks away.

Cha Su Wan is left to shield Mo Ne. I found the scene amusing since Mo Ne could have ran away from the scene. Why does she need JW to save her? This damsel in distress thing is bothering me. This would have been a great scene if she showed some spunk. Cha Su wan asks JW if he had something go do with the commotion. He did not deny it but instead told her to tell Mo Ne as it is since it's her job. CSW sees Mo Ne. Mo Ne asks if she found who is behind it and rants about the Vice Chair but was interrupted by Cha Su Wan. She tells Mo Ne that it was the Vice Chair who ordered it but someone else manipulated the paper. She notes the expression on Cha Su Wan's face. She tells Mo Ne it is someone she knows. Mo Ne is in obvious denial. She does not want to believe the worst. She is devastated.

JW is sitting at home and the doorbell rings and it is Chae Kyung. CK invites herself in by saying that she knows he wants to go to Mo Ne and she is there to stop him from doing it. CK requests JW to cook steak for her. While slicing JW seems to be in a trance. CK sees blood on the onions but JW seems not to notice that he cut himself. CK brings his attention to it but JW seems to be unaffected. CK tells him it bothers her to see him like this.

Mo Ne wants to text JW so badly. Doorbell rings and she rans to open it but to her disappointment it is SWH. This was not lost on SWH and he apologizes. He brings the ribbon. Mo Ne finally realizes about picture puzzles that her dad used to love to give her. She rans to the garden and sees the boat. SWH tells her that he searched it and found nothing. She is frantic. She finds the compartment and found the empty container. She is sure that something was there and someone got it. SWH remembers seeing JW and was told he found nothing. Mo Ne sees the expression on his face and she asks what he knows.

Mo Ne goes yo see JW. CK is there and she tried to leave. JW stops CK from leaving and tells her that if Mo Ne has something yo say she could say it in front of her.Mo Ne implores CK to leave because she really wants yo talk to JW alone. CK relents.


Mo Ne tells JW if he has something to tell her about the boat and the garden. She is trying to tell JW's to come clean. But JW tells her nothing. Mo Ne asks him if he found anything in the boat. JW retorts what answer does she want to hear and he will give it to her.Mo Ne tells him that he will not break her trust in him no matter what happens. He gives what she wants to hear with his poker face. Mo Ne is relieved and is about to leave. JW tells her that this trust that she is talking about does not include his feeling and walks away. A big blow for Mo Ne.

All alone, JW looks defeated. This is hurting him more. He needs to be cruel to her to protect her.

Mo Ne looks back on clues and past events that made her doubt JW's intention. She is now starting not to trust him but still she is in denial. She calls JW. JW looks at his phone and sees Mo Ne. He does not answer but she kept calling him. Mo Ne is counting as she stands behind her door wishing that JW would come knocking like the last time JW accomplished this within 52 seconds. She counts 50…55….89..90 … JW is actually on the other side… Mo Ne is scared to open the door and finds JW not there.. So she talks not knowing that JW is there listening.. She tells him of her fear of not finding him on the other side. This was painful to watch. She does not trust him to be there.


JW meets up with Loman at the airport. He is a shareholder that no one really met. JW takes him to an empty land instead of going directly to Hotel Ciel. He tells JW he is still not sure if he would make a deal with the Vice Chair.

Dir. Baek updates Mo Ne that a meeting is ongoing on the new plans for Hotel Ciel. He rushes into the meeting and wants to put a stop to it especially when she saw the plan being presented. It was the total opposite of her dad's plan. She tells JW how can he do this when he full well knows what Chairman Ah's dream for the hotel is.

Dir. Baek is playing the piano. Loman is listening behind her. At the end of the piano playing he claps and approaches Baek. He hugs her and calls her “mother.”. That was a good surprise. 🙂

The Vice Chair and JW is talking. The Vice Chair is a bit upset regarding the venue of the meeting. JW tells him it was what Loman wanted. Mo Ne walks up to them carrying a trash can. She ended pouring the contents over JW. The bubble has truly burst.




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Hotel King Episode 13 Review Part 1

Jae Wan is giving Mo Ne the cold shoulder. Mo Ne is stunned with the treatment. She asks Cha Su Wan if JW owes the Vice Chair for her to be release. Su Wan tells her that it was handled by the legal team. JW is with the Vice Chair ,acting the way he used to before. It's pretty obvious that he is doing all this to gain back the Vice Chair's trust in order to figure out how to bring him down to protect Mo Ne. JW already told Mo Ne that if he can't love her, he'll die from a previous episode, right? Those words were not easy for a broken man like JW to say. So my faith in his love for Mo Ne remains intact. 🙂


Mo Ne is outside the conference room preparing herself to face the board of wolves. She tries to look into JW's direction wanting some assurance but avoids her gaze. As the wolves attack her, she apologizes for what happened. But she tells everyone that it is the Vice Chair who planned for the said event. the Vice Chair acknowledges it but tells her that the event was planned with Mo Ne's father and he did not expect that all this would happen. Yeah right? I'm hating this guy so much. Surprisingly, Director Baek takes Mo Ne's side. The scandal between the GM. and Mo Ne was brought up. JW tells everyone that it is absurd and ended up saying that Mo Ne lacks the basics of the hotel.

Later, the Vice Chair confronts Dir. Baek wanting to find out whose side is she on. He is angry that she saved Mo Ne during the meeting. Dir. Baek tells him that he is just giving water who is dying of thirst. By doing this she would not be forgotten.

Mo Ne confronts Jae Wan. She tells him that he could stop pretending. She understands that he might be threatened by the Vice Chair for saving her. JW tells her that he did not save her and tells her to thank the Vice Chair for it. Liar, liar ,pants on fire! JW tells her that he is back to where he is supposed to be and he can't fail with her after two months. Mo Ne insist that there must be an underlying reason for all this and will stick to her promise that she is there for him.CK is outside and apologizes for hearing their conversation. She comes after JW and asks him if she is sacrificing himself for Mo Ne. JW dismisses her question. CK asks him what ending he has in mind so that he could help him. JW gives no answer.

The Vice Chair comes home and sees JW with his daughter. He is surprised and becomes paranoid seeing the two whispering. But the two are just secretly planning for the Vice Chair's birthday. I guess it's a way for JW to torture the Vice Chair somehow. To irritate him more, JW joins them for dinner. What I like about this is that JW knows that Mo Ne is not his sister and his real father. The Vice Chair still does not know that he knows which could still be an advantage to JW. Because he knows who he is fighting for.

The Vice Chair shows him his plan for Hotel Ciel. It is really all about the money for the Vice Chair. He wants to build a casino and create his little world.

During dinner JW thoughts is revealed to us. He aims for the destruction of his father so he could come back to Mo Ne.


He goes home and sees post it on his window. It is a message from Mo Ne. It was actually cute because she ended up writing to make sure he goes back to her.

Mo Ne is sitting on the swing talking to the robot JW gave her. She drinks coffee which JW loves. JW is eating cake which she loves. OH these two are killing me. But the imagination sequence was beautifully done.


Cha Su Wan is receiving irate calls from those guests involved in the recent bust. JW meets up with the staff and announces that peer evaluation will also be started. The staff reacts with these new rules. Mo Ne barges in an openly contradicts JW's plan. But he does not back down even if she is the Chairman. SWH comes after Mo Ne to try and comfort her. He tells her that JW does not mean it and that there must be a reason. BTW, JW talked to SWH to take care of Mo Ne so I'm sure SWH knows that JW still cares.


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Hotel King Episode 12 Thoughts


Our OTP in this episode is in a bubble. But as we all know, bubbles eventually burst . And that is what happened.

After that awesome kiss we get to see them away from the hotel. We also get to see LDW shirtless. Whew! Just couldn't concentrate on the subtitles when the shirt came off. LOL!Mo Ne is trying to rush things between them by suggesting they live together. She is showing so much determination when it comes to Jae Wan. I just wish she could show this much enthusiasm in learning to be the Chairman. She keeps saying she'll protect JW but I'm still wondering if her character has thought about how is she going to do it?!?

JW is obviously in love but tries to hold back. Understandably, it is because of his flawed past, dark secrets, fear and guilt.

Remember the contract Mo Ne signed in the last episode? The consequence burst our OTP's bubble. Mo Ne gets arrested. Vice Chair also lost money. He suspected it was Dir. Baek who reported to the police. Dir. Baek tells him that he might feel it was a loss for him but by losing something he gains a bigger gift. She continues to tell him that this could bring back JW to him. I would love to know this woman's backstory. She just keep things exciting with her mind games.

Some questions were given answers to in this episode. This includes the backstory of JW wings tattoo. That had me sniffing. A clue as to who might be JW's mom. The caretaker of the house Mo Ne and JW stayed brought out a framed group picture muttering that JW looks like the woman in the center of the picture. What surprised me is the identity of Sun Woo Hyun's father. Another person in business with the Vice Chair. This hotel is fast becoming a family affair.

JW ends up asking the Vice Chair to help free Mo Ne. Broken JW ends up kneeling in front of the VIce Chair and we are back to square one. JW is giving Mo Ne the cold shoulder.Big sigh!





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Hotel King Episode 11 Thoughts

A tad late been down with the flu and pneumonia. Instead of my usual mini recap, I just would like to share my thoughts on this episode. Episode 11 has left me feeling ambivalent. LDW and Lee Da-Hae has undeniable chemistry. One of the best OTP I have seen.


In this episode, JW is left without a doubt that Mo Ne is not his sister. I know fans of this drama loves this development. JW also acknowledges in public that it's the Vice Chair who helped him out all these years which surprised quite a few. The Vice Chair did not like this.


Baek is the character that grabs my attention. She is just so interesting. She brings intrigue to the drama. I enjoy Mo Ne's innocence but somehow I was expecting that at this point of the show she grows some backbone. Being cute is fine but one would wonder how could she protect a broken man like JW with her carefree personality. I miss the girl who could climb over walls and who obviously have athletic skills. I'm just wondering where did that girl go?!? Watching Mo Ne's character reminds me of Jun Ji Hyun in My Love from Another Star. I just feel her character can't hold up to the sinister plotting going on the drama. Her innocence may be a breath of fresh air for JW but her character needs to grow as soon as possible if she is hoping to protect her love. At this point, she looks like a liability. She is getting training from JW right? But we have yet to see it put to good use. Classic example is Mo Ne signing the contract just to prove herself to the Vice Chair. I'm sure the repercussions of her action is on the next episode.


In contrast, Jae Wan's character is filled with tragedy. The latest would be him finding out that his father is the Vice Chair. Apparently JW is intelligent but somehow he still gets outsmarted by the Vice Chair. He obviously loves Mo Ne and so he has to plan really well. It so frustrating to see a great drama cast that is being threatened by weak writing.


On a lighter note,what I like most in this episode are the scene with Mo Ne and CK. I just love to see these two exchanging barbs and of course the kiss between our OTP in the end. Weeeeeeee! Hopefully I'll come back to recap episode 13. Until next time. 🙂