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Hotel King Episode 6 Part Two Review

I had every intention of just doing a mini review but now it has turned into a mini recap. This is the last of the two part series review for episode 6. 🙂 I totally like the second half of this episode. Questions that the drama raised earlier in this episode was given answers by the end of it.


The boardroom is busy with talks about Mo Ne which includes her flashy outfits, hiring an ex convict, guests cancelling reservations and the kitchen fire. Mo Ne enters, surprising everyone. The Vice Chair tells her that she should be resting. She tells him that since everybody gathered because of her then she should be present at the meeting. Baek tells her that the directors are gathered to talk about how to kick her out. Baek continues to tell her about what was being discussed which includes video of her flashy wardrobe, how to recover their losses, handle rumours of bankruptcy and hiring an under age employee who is convicted with murder. Whoah! The board have been busy. Baek asks Mo Ne to tell her side of the story. The two-faced Vice Chair pretends to put a stop to this harshness. Mo Ne reassures him that it was alright. She was asked about the fire. She stands up and tells everyone that the fire was just an accident. The other directors starts to demand explanations for the other issues. Mo Ne tells them that she believes she still has the time they have given her to change and fix the problems and she won't give up.

JW goes over hotel issues with one of his staff. He was asked if he knows about some misappropriation of funds and stock manipulation.

Chae Kyung is being admired by the gossip girls. They end up bad mouthing Mo Ne. These girls are truly annoying.

Fortunately, the object of their gossip overhears them totally wiping off the amusement in their faces. Mo Ne confronts them and looks at their name tags. That's what you get from insulting your boss.


Mo Ne is curious how CK is admired for her elegance. mashed decides to go see CK and frenemies exchange barbs. It was funny to see Mo Ne ask advice from CK. CK shares her file on elegant women she researched over the years. Mo Ne accuses CK of stalking these women. LOL! CK remembers JW urgency to rescue Mo Ne. She remarks that it must be Mo Ne's innocence that makes people want to protect her. All these is lost on Mo Ne. CK changes topic and wants to discuss the restaurant that she'll open in the hotel with Mo Ne. Mo Ne is surprise. CK ask her if she was briefed on this. Mo Ne bluffs that she knows about it and hastily leaves.


Manager Jang and the pesky hotel staff is dying of curiousity of Dir. Baek secret stash. They ended up opening it. And it is filled with food!!! LOL!

Mo Ne takes a walk and sees Baek. Baek tells her that three months is a short time and she can't afford leisurely walks. She asks her if she already found a way to use JW. Mo Ne replies that she doesn't want to keep JW by her side. Baek surprises Mo Ne when she said that she must be thinking about JW drowning her before. Baek points out if JW indeed did that then why did he leave the recording at her desk.Mo Ne continues to protest and asks Baek to help her since she's having a tough time. Baek tells her that those words should only be said by those who tried their best.

JW continues to make plans for the hotel with his staff including projects and investigation on the funds. Manager Jang and the gossip girls gets punishment from Baek by getting deductions on their performance evals.LOL! Baek knows what they did and said.


Director Yoon visits Mo Ne acting all nice. After he leaves Mo Ne remembered what Baek told her. She watches the video again and figured out that the one who drowned her was not JW. They were wearing different shoes. I'm glad that one important truth is now out. Mo Ne requests WH to drive her. WH protested but Mo Ne insisted since she can't trust anybody else. She wants to see Yoon Jae.

JW is listening to a recording of Yoon Jae being offered something. His employee submits a copy of phone calls, text messages of Mo Ne. Apparently nothing sticks out. JW requests her to be on her side to protect her.


Mo Ne finally sees Yoon Jae. He is not happy to see them and gets angry. Finally, WH could not keep it secret anymore and tells everyone that it was JW who saved all three of them. Another truth is out. 🙂

To my delight we get a shower scene. While JW is taking a shower, someone is lurking in the dark trying to pry open JW's drawer.

This is interrupted by a sound outside.

Mo Ne steps outside the car thinking that she's home but realizes that she was brough to JW's house. Woo Hyun tells her that he knows she wants to apologize to JW. Mo Ne tells him that she's tired. WH tells her that when her dad died it was JW who protected the hotel. He encourages her to tell JW the words of apology she has been practicing. Mo Ne finally agrees.


The Vice Chairman is on the phone and gets a report that they could not find someone. I'm assuming that it's Yoon Jae. He orders the person at the other end of the phone call that they should take their opportunity with that person because he is starting to waver. He meets a person wearing a baseball cap. It's Dir. Yoon. Oh no another traitor revealed.

Mo Ne finds the door to JW's house unlocked. She goes in and sees….


….. JW old scars and wounds from the fire.

JW finally notices her presence. Mo Ne tearfully says sorry….



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Hotel King Episode 6 Part 1 Review


Chae Kyung goes to see Jae Wan. JW has his earphones on and closing his eyes. CK is feasting her eyes on him. (I can't blame her …hehehe). She approaches him and remains unnoticed. She comes near and JW opens his eyes. Small talk ensues. CK tells him that he still has a chance for the chairmanship since Mo Ne is on a deadline. She explains that the Vice Chair is waiting for her to make a mistake to chew her up and Dir. Yoon is excited for a young girl to take the role for them to secure their positions. CK thinks that Mo Ne is cute since she seems so innocent to what is going on around her. CK asks JW which side is he on so that she knows which side to choose. She tells him that she is there because of him.

Woo Hyun comes to the hotel and is told that the kitchen is on fire and Mo Ne is inside. He rushes in,pours water over himself and goes into the kitchen. I just wondered how come their hotel has no sprinklers?!? it is suppose to be top notch. Okay I'll just let this slide. Woo a Hyun sees Mo Ne hunched over Yoon Jae.

JW also is frantic and wants to go in but is held back by the staff. He tries to find another way to go inside. Woo Hyun tries to wake Mo Ne. When she regains consciousness he mutters Yoon Jae's name. Woo Hyun carries her to the other side of the room.

CK rans after JW , trying to stop him. She tells him to wait for the rescue team. JW tells her to let him go. CK relies that he could die. JW tells CK that it doesn't matter as long as Mo Ne is saved. Uh oh ! I guess CK knows which side JW is on. ( I know that the scene poses danger but I can't help squealing at this.)

JW gets into the kitchen by breaking the glass with a fire extinguisher. I just wondered why the rest of the staff wasn't able to help out earlier when there are extinguishers around. He sees WH with Mo Ne and Yoon Jae. A steel rack is on one side of the room and is about to topple over Mo Ne and Yoon Jae. JW reacts fast and tries to keep the steel rack from falling over. He tells WH to bring Mo Ne out and not to think about him. This only means he is ready to die for his “sister”. For him, Mo Ne must live.Aaaaawwww. As WH brings Mo Ne out the rescue team comes. I guess nobody is going to die…yet. Vice Chair gets a word to what happened and remain unmoved. At the end of episode 5 I started to suspect that the person who came in and started the fire was actually Baek. She tells the Vice Chair that he seems happy with watching the fire. Vice Chair tells her does she think he could now step on him since Mo Ne is the chairwoman. To which Baek replied that she wouldn't dare. Vice Chair tells her to work hard and that he still needs her. Oh no! I thinks Baek is being blackmailed and all this is against her will. It is very clear how she loathes the Vice Chair.

Everyone is in the hospital. JW is standing over an empty bed. He is being told that Yoon Jae left without a word. He watches over Mo Ne. She calls out for her dad as she sleeps.


Mo Ne is reaching out for her dad in her sleep and mutters that she is scared. JW reaches out to hold her hand.


JW is looking down. Mo Ne slowly opens her eyes and sees blurry JW. She closes her eyes again and tears fall from her eyes. JW comes home. Chae Kyung is waiting for with carrying a first aid box. JW tells her to leave before anyone sees her. CK tells him that she knows he won't get treatment in the hospital be cause JW has phobia with germs. JW tells her that he's not hurt but flinches from pain. He tells CK that since she knows him well then she knows he won't let her in. CK replies that since he knows her he knows she won't listen. Inside JW's living room CK tries to touch him to see where he hurts bit JW immediately stops her.

CK asks about Mo Ne. JW tries to be flippant. CK pursues the issue that JW was ready to die with her. JW tries to tell her it is for the hotel. CK tells her that it isn't so and he was not thinking of the hotel but of Mo Ne. CK asks the reason for this but stops herself and leaves. When he is all alone he mutters that he can't let her sister die like their father. He takes of his shirt and reveals his sexy shoulder oh I mean his injuries..hehehe.


Woo Hyun arrives, tells her not to worry about the hotel. Manager Jang is taking care of things. Mo Ne ask rethorically if there were calls from JW. She is convince that seeing JW by her bedside was just her imagination. She ask if anybody else was hurt. She 's fishing since she is trying to protect Yoon Jae. Woo Hyun will watch over her for the time being. Woo Hyun flashes back to the conversation he had earlier with JW which clearly baffles him.

He gets instruction that the story is – Woo Hyun saved Mo Ne and that nobody else was there. WH asks JW if he is doing this to protect Yoon Jae. JW tells him if he'll believe that it is for Mo Ne.JW tells him to protect Mo Ne because he is the only one trustworthy to be at her side. As JW walks away, WH asks him who he really is – the guy who tried to drown Mo Ne or the man who saved her… JW replies that he might be both or perhaps both may not be.

JW is trying to look for Yoon Jae. He spies someone who beat him to it. JW sees Yoon Jae holding some money. He was paid by someone to take take the fall. JW wants Yoon Jae to reveal who put him up with this. He explained that if he takes the fall for arson it wouldn't be arson but attempted murder. This shocked Yoon Jae and he gets a sound advice from JW. He had yet to reveal the truth.

Mo Ne decides to come back to the hotel. She gives her dad's harmonica back to WH. She finally realizes that the harmonica was given to WH by her dad to tell her that he could trust WH.

At the hotel JW greets the directors. Inside JW is surprise to see Mo Ne. He is obviously showing his concern. JW asks her if she is ready to face everyone and warns her that no one inside is on her side. JW tells her to stay alert and keep her wits if he wants to save a Yoon Jae.


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Hotel King Episode 5 Review

I miss drama land so much. I have been out of it for a couple of weeks and now I'm low on endorphins. So I'm now trying to make up for it.

I finally got to see a new expression on Lee Dong Wook's face in this episode. I'm starting to get tired his clenched facial expressions from the past episodes.

Jae Wan is obviously thinking about the conversation he had with the doctor of Chairman Ah. It's now clear to him who the real bad guy is. He takes the pit bull with him. He recalls a conversation with the Vice Chair about owning the dog. I think Jae Wan realizes that to the Vice Chair he is just a dog he could order around.

Vice Chair looks for his favorite pet but is nowhere to be found. He gets a phone call from Jae Wan.

Mo Ne is walking and thinks about the hug and we get to see what happened about. It's apparent that she is confuse. Like I said in the last review,I'm hoping that Jae Wan finds out early that they are not related by blood. So I could enjoy the skinship between these two…hehehe.

The Vice Chair meets JW. He sees JW with his dog. JW bravely confronts the Vice Chair and tells him that he met the doctor and knows everything. JW accuses the Vice Chair of using him to ruin his father. our villain tries to tell JW that all this is a misunderstanding. But JW is not fooled and tells him what he thinks. The Vice Chair tells JW that he can't bring him down because he will do everything to ruin JW. the Vice Chair tells him if he wants to go back to being Jayden. Uh oh.. JW tells him that he forgets that if he goes back to being nothing then he has nothing to lose unlike the Vice Chair. The Vice Chair is stunned and finally he brings out his phone. I guess he recorded everything. He continues to call the Vice Chair's beloved daughter who JW called to where they are. What I enjoyed here was how shock the Vice Chair was. The arrogance was wiped from his face. JW tells the Vice Chair what would happened if his daughter finds out that his dad is a murderer. Vice Chair tells him to leave his daughter out of this and that he will apologize and will send her daughter away. JW tells him it is already too late. Vice Chair turns around and a conversation ensues and he tells JW to stay well. JW keeping himself in check. Vice Chair goes over the rails…. JW sprung into action and grasp the Vice Chair's wrist. Vice Chair begs him to let him go… I think the advice Chair wants JW to go down with him…. It was thrilling to see if JW was going to let go or not… We get a flashback with a young JW grabbing Vice Chair's hand being held out to him. Back to the present, JW snaps out of his reverie and tells the Vice Chair that he was letting him go and screams at him to die. The expression on the Vice Chair's face was priceless. With all his strength he pulls the Vice Chair to safety.

As much as I wanted this villain to die I was glad he did not. Because if he did die this way JW will be the prime suspect. JW gave out a hysterical laugh. The Vice Chair tells him that he did not kill the Chairman and proceeds to ask him if he is handing over the hotel to Mo Ne out of guilt. He tells JW that Mo Ne will be taken advantage and may end up crazy like her father. JW grabs the Vice Chair's collar and tells him to shut up and from now on to live quietly if he does not want his daughter to know the truth.

Mo Ne gets a dress down from Baek. Baek tells her to change her style to fit being a CEO and to hide what she is apparently lacking that includes a brain. LOL! They are getting ready for the board's election that will decide if Mo Ne will be the next CEO.


She looks at an emerald bracelet which was her high school graduation gift. She recalls the time when it was given to her. Her dad told her that emerald means happiness and that if she finds herself making difficult decision she must not forget that finding happiness is the better choice.

We get to see the hotel staff buzzing with the upcoming vote. As Mo Ne is walking in the hall Chae Kyung is right behind her. I love the potential of these two. The cattiness and the witty exchanges between them is amusing. Mo Ne tells CK that she's busy and doesn't want to be bothered. CK tells her that she needs to look good to her because she could make Mo Ne the Chairwoman followed by an exchange of insults. LOL!!! CK tells Mo Ne that she'll vote for her if she promise not to touch Jae Wan.

The voting begins. A few raised their hand for Mo Ne as she looks on. Vice Chair finally raises his hand which surprised his allies and signals them to follow suit. More hands were raised. Even Chae Kyung voted for her. But what surprised Mo Ne was Baek. She asked her in front of everyone what her plans are to cover the losses of the hotel after the Chairman's death. Oh no… Mo Ne is flustered by the question and stammers trying to find an answer. Mo Ne answers that she will try her best and hardest. Baek points out that Mo Ne is not ready yet and proposed that another vote be cast at the end of three months to which Mo Ne has to prove herself by reaching 100 percent of projected revenue. This amuses the Vice Chair. Mo Ne is shocked that the person who challenged her was Baek. In the previous episode she was warned by Baek not to trust anyone. Mo Ne accepted the challenge. Is she biting more than she could chew?

JW finds out from Vice Chair about the three month period. Mo Ne confronts Baek. Mo Ne tells her that she can't believe that she is one of them. Baek reminded her not to trust anyone and to be suspicious of everyone. Baek tells her that the board voted for her because they can make Mo No do whatever they want and that her dad's protection ends at this point. She tells her to stand firm and not allow others to boss her around. Mo Ne ask Baek if she could trust her and she tells Mo Ne that she can't. The final advice Baek gives her is to use Jae Wan's ability.


I have to say that these two just sizzle with chemistry. It is pretty amazing. JW ask her what she is going to achieve in the next three months. Will she only care about playing detective on her dad's death. Mo Ne angrily tells him that she will find out the truth and she will make JW pay for his wrong doings. He grabs her shoulders and turns her around towards the hotel. JW tells her that he is not the enemy but the hotel is. With employees in the dark, directors who lies like snakes and guests that come and go everyday. As Chairwoman, these are the things she has to take care of. JW tells her to stay alert. As JW walks away he silently wishes Mo Ne to stay strong.

The next day Chairwoman Mo Ne comes in wearing a flashy outfit.

She bravely request Jae Wan to escort her around the hub of the hotel. Mo Ne goes around being chatty. She meets a young janitor cleaning up and ask for directions. But the young man does not answer. She meets up with Jae Wa and realizes that her bracelet is gone. She goes back thinking that the young man took it. As she confronts him, the young man tries to run which Mo Ne thinks of as guilt. JW ask her if she was sure if the young man really did take her bracelet. Security took the young man amidst protest that he did not take anything. Mo Ne is starting to feel guilty. As she walks in the lobby she meets up a weird young lady who is wearing her bracelet. O h no the young man was wrongly accused. She was able to take back the bracelet with the help of Woo Hyun. She realizes her mistake and goes to Jae Wan to take back the decision of firing the employee. JW tells her that she should trust her employees. JW tells her that he could not take the decision back because the employee was an ex convict.


The young man was begging for his job. He tells them that he has done nothing wrong and never even missed a day of work. JW tells him that he still murdered a guy even if the guy was evil. I have to say that JW reaction was overkill. But I guess he is just projecting his anger at himself towards the employee. He is probably remembering the guilt he has over the guy he killed whenhe was young while protecting his brother. Mo Ne tells JW to give him a chance and that he should not be punished with his past. JW argues that what if the guest finds out about a murderer working in the hospital and of course the other employees would always think of him as a murderer. He tells her that this would not have happened if she trusted the man beforehand. JW has a point. This one is gonna bite Mo Ne in the back.

The manager is scolding an employee for spreading rumours about the new chairwoman. The employee also tells the manager that he is also notorious when it comes to hotel gossip. LOL! They hear Director Baek and hides. But they spy her hiding something behind a painting. Now I'm really curious with her backstory.

Mo Ne comes to the staff cafeteria to join the wronged employee but he leaves. Woo Hyun hands her a drink and made her realize that everybody left.


This must have something to do with her re hiring an ex convict.

A fight erupts between the young employee and the kitchen staff. The employee is being treated by everyone like a disease. JW breaks up the fight and tells Mo Ne to fire him since she hired him back. He tells her that is there anything left now to be crushed. I guess all these pain would have been prevented if not for Mo Ne.

Mo Ne talks to Baek and ask her what she did wrong. Baek tells her first that she doubted an employee over a small incident, because of guilt she forgot about standards,abusing her authority over personnel affairs and lastly it was her arrogance. Baek pointed out that in Mo Ne's desire to prove herself to everyone she used the employee. Ouch! Thanks to Mo Ne the young man is now suffering a lot. The last point that Baek points out is that Mo Ne does not know anything.

The employee comes into the kitchen and starts to pour a flammable substance.

As he was about to light it all up Mo Ne comes in and tries to stop him. Mo Ne was able to hold him off. But another man comes in to the kitchen and throws a lighter in their direction……


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Hotel King Episode 4 Review


There were quite a few turning points in this episode. We now have Baek on Mo Ne's side. Mo Ne is in the garden. We hear the piano being played by Baek. Mo Ne ask help from Baek. She asks Baek what she should do. Baek tells her to leave, not to look back and run…..

Jae Wan looks confused with Sung Woo. The hotel staff tries to pull Sung Woo. Sung Woo announced that it was the Jae Wan who tried to drown Mo Ne. The Vice Chair looks pissed with all this. Mo Ne comes in and tells Sung Woo if he is dreaming or writing a novel. Mo Ne negates all Sung Woo's accusation with her own version of what happened. It is clearly a bluff. It is now Sung Woo's turn to look confused. JW leaves with the newly hired hotel staff. Mo Ne follows JW and tells him that she's leaving and she's giving up. But before she leaves she tells JW to have SungWoo continue his job in the hotel. Logic will tell us that if Mo Ne leaves then what is the point of this drama.Therefore, something is brewing.

Sung Woo waits for Mo Ne and he can't believe that she's leaving.

Sung Woo is in the office with Jae Wan. Sung Woo apologizes to JW. JW tells him that he acted as if he truly saw what happened. And ask how could he believe it was all a delusion. Sung Woo recalls his conversation with Mo Ne earlier. He was told to help her end things peacefully. Sung Woo tells JW he was blinded because he likes/ loves Mo Ne. He finally get 3 months without pay as punishment.

It was followed by a scene that is suppose to bring comedic relief but somehow failed. That's my problem with this drama's attempt at humor. It's not really working for me.

Chae Kyung tells Jae Wan that she will be opening a restaurant that would help Hotel Ciel. I'm pretty sure she'll be the third party in our OTP's love angle. For now her character remains ineffectual.

Vice Chair arrives and Jae Wan picks him up. He asks JW if he has set the date for the announcement of who he really is. The date is set. Vice Chair seems happy that Mo Ne is no longer a threat so I'm sure he is planning something after JW announces that he is the son of Chairman Ah. (Which I'm sure that he is not.)

Jae Wan determined to finally show the world who he is. He truly believes that his father is Chairman Ah. This is so sad,because in the event he finds out that the one thing he believed all his life was a lie would bring undescribable pain. 😦

JW and the Vice Chair prepares for the ceremony.

Vice Chair hands to his staff the file on Jae Wan. He orders that the content of the folder be revealed and make sure that Jae Wan would not be be given the opportunity to speak at the ceremony. The Vice Chair must be thinking that now that Mo Ne is no longer a threat to his plan it is time to take Jae Wan down.


Vice Chair gives a toast for Chairman Ah and Hotel Ciel.

Suddenly, Mo Ne enters wearing a stunning dress and a steely look in her eyes. As far as grand entrances go, this was good.

Mo Ne glances over Baek and JW notices this.

Mo Ne greets the Vice Chair and addresses the guest. This is no longer the spoiled little rich girl from the previous episodes. This is now a different Mo Ne. Thanks to Baek, of course. She greeted the guests just like a pro. She looked calm, cool, collected and charming. The element of surprise is on her side. hahaha . We get a flashback to what Baek told her. She was advised if there is anything Mo Ne has then it's her bloodline and she should use that. This is a turning point in the story that I love. Mo Ne finally finds an ally and her game plan holds promise.

JW is ready for his big reveal but Mo Ne stands up to make a speech. This is my favorite scene in this whole episode. The air is charged with tension. MN addresses the audience by apologising first then directs statements to the Vice Chair. She tells everyone that her dad is not happy but mortified and vexed. She shared that just before his dad died she was told not to trust anybody. The expression on the Vice Chair's face is priceless. She then revealed the anti -psychotic and anti-depressant pills that his dad was given. She bravely tells everyone that her dad did not commit suicide. *applauds


Vice Chair tells JW to take care of Mo Ne whatever means necessary. I can't believe this guy. Earlier he was poised to destroy JW and now he wants to use JW to get rid of Mo Ne. If JW does not wake up soon he might not realize that he is being manipulated to be the Vice Chair's fall guy.

JW confronts Mo Ne about the medicines. Mo Ne passionately defends her actions. Mo Ne angrily shows JW the video of her being drowned by JW look alike. She threatens him that after the truth of her dad's death is uncovered she will reveal the video. JW tells her that he is also curious about the truth.

JW recalls the conversation he had with the Chairman's doctor/best friend. He told JW that the Chairman should drink the medicines. So I'm guessing JW was the one making sure that Chairman Ah is taking his medicine. Oh no ! This might bite him in the back.

JW orders one of the new recruits to watch Mo Ne closely.

Mo Ne gives Baek a call. She wants Baek to tell her that she did a good job today. Baek tells her what she wanted to hear in a way that her father would have said it. This brings comfort to Mo Ne.

We see Baek's back while changing. She has scars on her back. I'm more curious now with Baek's backstory (literally!).

JW waits in the car. He is waiting for the doctor. Earlier he was told that the doctor is not in town. He suddenly see the doctor come out and follows him. He confronts the doctor about the medicine. JW confirms that it was the Vice Chair's plan. The doctor tells him that JW is also part of the web that the Vice Chair created and it's difficult to run away from this evil.

All this truths drive JW literally sick to his stomach. At this point, JW believes that Chairman Ah is is his father. That is why it must be heartbreaking to know that he has contributed to his “father's” demise. He goes to see the Vice Chair. He spies him laughing with his daughter. JW has a flashback with the Vice Chair giving him a beating.


Mo Ne is in her garden talking to herself. JW comes and stares at her. Mo Ne does all the talking and she is suddenly pulled into a hug……. I wish that by the next episode JW finds that Chairman Ah is not his father so it would not be uncomfortable to see hugs like this….heheheheh.


The second half of this episode was exciting. It would be nice to see these two stand up against the Vice Chair together. A simple DNA test could have established the truth about JW's “dad”. This is the reason why I hope the truth about JW's parentage be revealed in the next episode. So I could fully enjoy skinship between our OTP. 🙂