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Summer Fun

Just had a really fun day in the sun. It brings me so much happiness to see my child having fun with her friends. If the kids are happy then it makes everything worth it. How can I resist a view such as this. The speed of the jet ski was pretty amazing with the water so clear and pristine. A day full of water activities such as diving,snorkelling, endless swimming and a lot more. Underwater scenery was pretty mind blowing. Mother Nature at its best. 🙂

It's so nice to witness the joy and amazement in your child's eyes. Sharing new experiences with them makes it all worthwhile. Lovin life. Lovin summer. 🙂


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Captain America Winter Soldier


I've watched this earlier at an IMAX Cinema and I have to say I like this way better than the first Captain America movie. I want to say more but I'll stop myself. It's definitely a must watch. I love the story and it was really nice to get to know our fave characters better. It was such a blast to watch.

I have to share that during the middle of the movie a part of me was wishing other members of the Avengers would come and help out Captain America…. I guess this is a manifestation for my craving for the next Avengers installment.

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A Peek on Divergent

It has been a hectic week for my little girl, so had to immerse myself into “stage mommy role”. 🙂 I haven't watch drama episodes for the past week. But was able to watch two movies. 🙂 (Divergent, Captain America Winter Soldier).


I love the book series by Veronica Roth. I remember when I read Divergent the first time I really wished that it will be made into a movie. On the other hand, when this movie did come out I had a lot of hesitation. Why? It's because I've been crash and burned a few times. It means that there were wonderful books before that was made into a movie that ended up disappointing me. A classic example is the Percy Jackson Series. I love the stories so much but the movie did not live up to the book. *sigh

So with my fingers crossed, I decided to watch Divergent. I am glad to share that the movie was alright. It was able to capture the critical points of the book version brought with it. I like this movie better than Hunger Games.

The story is set in the future where a society live as members of factions to keep the peace. There are five factions which includes Erudite, Abnegation, Amity, Candor and Dauntless. Each faction plays an integral role in this society. So when a person turns sixteen he/she has to take a test and the result will tell him/ her the faction he/she should belong. In short the faction the person is born in may not be the faction for him/her when they turn 16. Similar to the hat in Harry Potter. 🙂

Tris Prior is a Divergent which means she doesn't fit in one particular faction but has characteristics befitting more than one faction. In a place where faction is deemed important a divergent is viewed as a threat.

A story with a sinister plot. It depicts a supposedly ideal society vs. human nature. For someone who read the book there were parts were the movie seems to drag. Some of the scenes were unable to show the underlying drive of the characters. But the thing that I like about it is that it did not deviate too much from the book version. 🙂 And of course, Theo James fits his role as Four. It doesn't hurt that he looks awesome. :).


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Emergency Couple Episode 17


The last episode was filled with so much sorrow that I'm now ready for some good plot development. Did this episode able to deliver that? Let us see…..

This started with Chief Gook calling the time of death. CM is crying and mom is a bit hysterical.

JH walks in a daze and sits. She looks at her doctor's coat and we get a voice over of CM's dad telling her that if she becomes a doctor then all is fine and he could die. Such anguish.

AR is playing on her phone when she receives a call from YG.

YG is rushed to the ER, bloody and bruised. Evidently, he was beaten up. Prof. Shim works on him with AR helping out too. The prof tells them about CM's dad as well.

CM and his mom is obviously mourning.

Chief Gook is on his computer working on a leave request for CM.

JH sees the Chief and tells her not to work. JH refused. Chief tells her that it won't be good for the patients and she needs to take time to get her mind together and rest. JH finally agrees.

YG is now awake with AR checking on his IV. YG tells AR that he's useless but AR contradicts him. Couple interns rushes to YG's bedside and admonishes him. AR tells everyone that CM is in mourning and all of them should come and see him.

JH sees CM greet sympathizers. JH is hesitant to approach. I guess she's confused regarding her role as the ex-wife. If they were still married her place would be beside CM….

All interns comes to see CM except for JH. CM assures them that he's alright ( but looking at his eyes you know he's not). He tells everyone to go back to their work and notices YG bruised up face and ask what happened. YG dismisses it as nothing. AR tells CM not to worry about them and should take care of himself. CM thanks his colleagues.

Prof. Shim and Chief Gook sees JH helping out by serving food to the visitors. The interns saw her too. Sang Hyuk remarks that it must be difficult for both CM and JH being divorce and all. YG says that even if all things come to the end it doesn't really end. I totally agree with him. Emotional ties never ends.

CM's mom sees JH helping out. This made me nervous. Mom approaches JH…Uh oh… CM's aunt asks JH why is she doing this while nervously looking at CM's mom. I know what the aunt is feeling because this made me anxious. Mom sombrely asks JH why is she there. Continues to tell JH that she does not need to do this because if JH continues to do this it will be hard for the two of them. JH apologizes and tells mom that this is the only thing she could do for father-in-law. Mom tells JH that she understands how JH feels and she knows how her husband cared for JH. CM sees them and approaches. CM tells JH to leave and come with him. CM pulls JH away and gives her coat. JH apologizes and echoes what his mom said. JH tells him that if she doesn't do this then she doesn't know how to get through all this. CM tells her that he understands but it will be hard for the both of them and adds that he doesn't know how to comfort her at this time. JH tells CM that it should be her comforting him cause she knows how all this is painful for CM. CM tells her not to be there and that if she wants to come she could but as a visitor. JH tells him that she'll do that.

I'm actually losing patience with CM. He's been pushing JH away since episode 16. Can't two people grieve together? I have to admit that I don't know much about divorce in Korea but still can't they comfort each other. And JH, can't you give CM a hug?

YG is temporarily assigned to the Radiology Department.

Young Ae pulls JH aside to request JH to extract her blood for testing. She tells JH that she is terrified about having a baby. JH tells her that YA does not have a choice in the matter.

Chief Gook sees JH sitting all by herself. They talk about the dad's death. JH opens up that CM's dad is not just a father in law but more than that for he was the person who helped JH challenge herself to become a doctor. The Chief tells her not to try too hard to get over it but learn to accept what happened.

JH comes home all sad. Picks up her phone to call her…….mom.

CM finds out the reason why dad stopped being a doctor from his uncle. Uncle tells CM that he's telling him all this so that CM won't blame himself and not give up since it wasn't CM's fault that his dad died.

More tears….. CM's mom stares blankly into space while her sister is prodding her to eat. Flashbacks of her and her husband prompts her cries of despair.

JH and her mom comes to pay their respects. JH's mom tells CM's mom that she is saddened with the news. CM's mom tells them that they didn't have to come (not said with any animosity, in case you're wondering) and gave her thanks. JH's mom tells CM's mom that she can emphatize with her feelings since she lost JH's dad early too. Continues to tell her that a word, an action is remembered for a long time and it's hard. She tells CM's mom to stay strong at least for Chang Min. This was a beautiful scene. It's my favorite in this episode. A common ground is set for these two who are integral in CM and JH past and future. Before they turn to leave CM's mom calls out to JH and …. thanks her. Finally some acknowledgement.

CM's goes to his dad's place and sits on his desk. He spies the list of fishing supplies and remembers the plans they made about fishing. CM breaks down and cries. Whenever I see a guy cries it just gets me.

Prof. Shim is on the phone arguing with her daughter's dad. I was really hoping that there was a chance that her daughter's dad was Chief Gook but it's really true that he's not. Chief Gook was standing behind Prof. Shim. He asks her what kind of bastard ignores his child. Prof. Shim defensively tells him that even if her daughter's dad is a stranger to her he is still the dad.

Chief Gook is informed that the Department Head is looking for him. In his office, Chief is informed that he is suspended for two weeks without pay because of the punching incident. The Head tells him that he is lucky that it was just a suspension since Prof. Ahn wants Chief Gook fired. Chief Gook storms out in search of Prof. Ahn. The scumbag asks Chief Gook if he came to thank him. The nerve of this guy. Chief Gook sarcastically says yes. Scumbag tells him that he wonders why he's been told that the ER can't operate without Chief Gook. Chief Gook tells him to try and operate the ER by himself. That rendered the sleaze bag speechless. Chief Gook tells him that he doesn't care if he gets fired but apologizes for the incident. Chief Gook warned him not to insult female staff and reminds him of a sexual harassment case that happened last year. Take that Prof. Ahn.

Prof. Shim is checking Young Ae by ultrasound and finds out that she's not pregnant. Young Ae is so delighted with the news but the husband was genuinely disappointed. Uh oh trouble in paradise.

Chief Gook is getting ready to leave and Prof. Shim comes into his office. They started talking about the dad of her daughter and ends up with the Chief asking Prof. Shim if she ever thought of staying in Korea for good… Aaaaaawww…. I just love these two. Prof.Shim spies the pic of them together and tells Chief Gook that she'll throw it away and he refused. So cute..hehehe.

JH is checking up on a patient and heard that Chief Gook was suspended. JH sees Prof. Shim and she tells JH not to blame herself. JH, can you please focus on CM instead of chief right now… Aaaaargggggghhh!

Chief Gook at home in those sexy jeans is a sight to behold. 🙂 And you guess it right JH is coming over. :(. Didn't she learn anything from what happened in the last episode when she was accused of throwing herself at Chief Gook. Chief finds out about this because Prof. Shim called to inform him. JH calls him and ask for direction. This spurs our sexy doctor to wash his face and shave. LOL! Then he goes out to meet up JH with a small nick on his clean shaven face. JH looks giddy to me. All this time I kept thinking about who is taking care of CM.

They are inside Chief Gook's house and she offers the food her mom made. JH apologizes for the suspension. Girl, you could have done that by phone call.

CM is in bed looking pale and sick. YG calls him and CM tells him that he's just tired.

Chief Gook and JH talks about CM. JH tells him that if she could she would go and comfort CM but she doesn't know what to do. Huh? Chief tells her to just go with her heart. A poignant conversation ensues between these two…… fast forward….. you all have to see this for yourselves. 🙂

AR is outside CM's door but CM is not answering.

Chief Gook brings JH home and starts to confess?!?! When he was about to say something really important JH's phone rings. Whew! Saved by the bell. It's AR telling JH that CM is not answering.

JH finds tells building manager that she is CM's wife and she needs to get inside the apartment. When she comes in she sees CM sweating profusely and stricken with fever. JH starts to call for an ambulance but CM wakes up to stop her. JH says that she's sorry she didn't have the courage and that she should have come sooner. Now you know.. JH prepares food for CM.

Fever is finally down. JH encourages CM to eat.CM thanks JH and tells her she could leave. JH finally ask CM why he keeps sending her away. (The audience noticed too.).

Doorbell rings. It must be AR. hehehe She asks JH if CM is alright. JH tells SR to come in but AR refused. JH thanks AR for calling her.

JH spies her wedding ring and we get the background music. Perfect. CM comes out of the room.

JH calls CM and opens her hand to show him the ring….

I'm ambivalent with this episode. It was both tragic and cute at times. There were scenes that were satisfying while others were frustrating. It's hard for me to decide. The tug of war between our two makes their character stay in the same place. I'm glad that Chief Gook's character is starting to become dynamic. I love the scenes between Chief and Prof. Shim.

I love this show but now I'm craving for more. I just hope that next week episodes picks up the pace. Until next weekend. 🙂