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My Love from Another Star

This is the last week of this drama series and spent the last few days to catch up on the episodes. It was about an alien named Do Min joon played by Kim Soo Hyun. He’s been on earth since the Joseon era (about 400 years). He meets the hallyu star Cheon Song Yi played by Jun Ji Hyun who happens to be his neighbor. Interestingly Min Joon has met the version of Song Yi four hundred years ago whom he had feelings for. Unfortunately, she died trying to protect him. 

Song Yi is a hallyu star who is an implacable diva, bullheaded and unrelenting. Twelve years back she was saved by a stranger from an accident. The hero? Of course it’s our resident alien who happens to have superhuman abilities. Song Yi couldn’t remember his face though despite claims that if she sees him she’ll be able to recognize her savior.

Song Yi gets entangled with Jae Kyung who happens to be the brother of her friend Hwi Kyung. Jae Kyung is bone deep evil who kills people that get in his way. ( It’s only right to have a villain who is downright evil to come up against our super alien hero. 🙂 )


I got to say if aliens were this awesome and hoooooottttt, let’s all welcome them with open arms. Better not miss the scenes showcasing our leads’  hotness.

Even during the first few episodes it was apparent how good these actors are. Jun Ji Hyun is such an amazing actress. She was able to play the stubborn heroine with cuteness but you’ll be able to feel her character’s vulnerability. Her character is spiteful but still comes across adorable and funny. And I could guarantee you’ll get a lot of laughs from this series. The comedy was able to lighten those heavy scenes. It was a good interplay of emotions . The screenplay was tasteful. Even the placements of flashbacks and the epilogue was great. The directing and the writing are praiseworthy. Another thing I love was the the OST. It was not distracting but it was woven in a manner that actually helped the scenes.



I had a lot of favorite scenes. Min joon stopping Song Yi from destroying vases by a BACKHUG!!!! Another would be the kisses between the two OTP. Adorable. It would be nice to have someone by our side who has superheating I mean superhearing abilities, telekinesis and able to teleport. My ideal man standard just went up a notch. ( just don’t tell my husband LOL! ).

At the end of the day there’s a lot of reasons why this drama is a must watch. 🙂

Will post about this again after the series is done. There’s still so much to write about.

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Lie to Me

This is one of my favorite drama series.  Weeeee! I think this was the fourth k drama that I was able to watch. It was recommended by a friend and so the curious me got online and looked it up. I found out that the ratings of this one were not good and a lot of bad comments. On the other hand, there were those who totally looooveee it. So I decided to watch anyway trusting the person who recommended it ( btw thank you friend for telling me about this).

It is about Ah Jung, played by the beautiful Yoon Eun Hye, who works for the government. She accidentally met up with her former best friend and when ask regarding her status, she ended up lying that she’s married. Our leading man, Ki joon (played by the dashing Kang Ji hwan), is the the president of World Hotel group. He was about to marry his girlfriend years ago but ended up breaking up with her because his younger brother is in love with her. Ki Joon is inflexible and anal brought about by years of having a lot of responsibilities. On the other hand, his brother Sang hee is carefree.

Ah Jung meets Sang hee first and due to comedy of errors, Ah Jung and Ki Joon ends up rumored to be married. They get entangled in the web of lies and the fun begins. And to add spice to the story the ex girlfriend comes back.

I have to admit though the storyline was simple for a 16 episode drama. The last four episodes contained scenes that I found unnecessary, but as a whole it was still a delight to watch (most especially the k drama cliches it has). I couldn’t stop squealing from episode 4-12. I guess the formula worked on me ( the whole family ended up watching this too ….hahaha ). It took days for me to get over it. It made me feel giddy as if I’m in the first throes of falling in love. It was able to produce endorphins in my brain far effective than eating chocolates.

Kang ji hwan’ s character is the embodiment of my ideal man. (Weeeeeee). The kissing scenes were amazing and hot. 🙂 If you’re like me who is easily satisfied with romantic cliches then it’s worth watching.



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Heart strings

I was able to watch this drama a few weeks back. It’s about two university students Lee shin ( Jung Yong hwa) , majoring in modern music, and Kyu Won (Park Shin Hye) a traditional korean music instruments major.I was able to see these two OTP in the drama He’s Beautiful. I was interested with the chemistry between these two even then. Lee shin is a talented guitarist and vocalist while Kyu Won plays the gayageum.

Kyu Won had no choice but to go with her friends who were fans of the band The Stupid which happens to be the band of Lee shin. Lee shin is pretty much popular in school but only likes a dance professor in their university. Fast forward… due to a deal Kyu Won ends up being a “slave ” of Lee shin. At this point our female lead starts to fall for the stoic Lee Shin and some cuteness begins…

Okay I got to admit that the first few episodes was a little disorganized for me. The story seemed to drag forever and so were the characters. After a few episodes it got better. The scenes that stood out for me were those with our two OTP the rest did not leave any impression. They were cute. It was fun watching them.The OST is great though. I love the songs from this drama.I could listen to it again and again. The verdict? It was sweet. A few times it made me smile. So if you want something simple, less angst this could be for you. But me? I’m ready to move on. 🙂



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PRime Minister and I

If you must know I just discovered the satisfaction of watching dramas four months ago. Hence, been watching past,recently concluded and ongoing dramas. A few days ago I happen to watch that Winter the Wind Blows unfortunately as much as I would like to give it a chance of redemption I just couldn’t go on. It was painful for me. So I decided to watch the recently concluded  Prime Minister and I and hallelujah my faith has been restored in dramas.

Contract marriages is one of my favorite themes both in print and moving pictures. Who doesn’t love having two strangers discover love in the confines of an arrangement? That alone made this drama soooooo goooooood for me.

It’s about a Kwon Yul ( Lee Beom soo) a workaholic, insomniac, honest, upright, stern but a just man who happens to be the Prime minister of Korea. He is a widower with three children. He meets Nam da Jung (Im Yoona) a journalist that works for Scandal News whose assignment happens to be the Prime Minister. A series of unfortunate events ensues that lead the two characters in a contract marriage.

I love this drama since the developing tenderness between the two is so palpable all through out the drama. Despite its simplicity it was able to tug at my heart that I couldn’t stop watching. Kwon Yul despite being a powerful man has shown a vulnerability that was so endearing. Da Jung, on the other hand, exemplified positiveness even in difficult situations. There were no big elaborate scenes in their love story instead their growing love was shown in the simple scenes of everyday day life for these couple. It was simple but it just gives you that warm fuzzy feeling. As a fan I was able to laugh and cry with these two.


I just love the fact that we have two characters who showed maturity in handling the issues of their marriage. A female lead who happens to use a brain is a blessing. And the Prime Minister is just so appealing. Lee Beom soo was so right for this role.

The supporting cast was also so great. The children were adorable most especially Man Se. Cute, cute and endless cute. The second leads were also good. It so nice to watch a drama without needing to hate a character.

I watch dramas because it gives me a smorgasbord of emotions and gives me an escape from the rat race we live in. This drama succeeded in making me feel their love and tenderness for each other.  It left a smile to my face and a smile in my heart. Prime Minister and I is simple but heartwarming. 🙂


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