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Bel Ami – The Post Mortem

Time for my final thoughts for this drama. HHhhhhmmm… where to start? The strengths. First and foremost kudos to the actors they are really really good. Ma Te had to meet 10 women and the lessons learned from each of them could be applied in real life. An example would be the lesson on the difference of a bribe and a gift. 🙂 If you give it before it becomes a bribe but if you give it later it becomes a gift. 🙂 I could understand the attempt of the writer to make the story philosophical.

*spoiler alert *Since it makes one reflect there were issues that just got to me during the middle of the drama. I ask myself why the need for the password for the father to meet the son and only to find out that he's not the father but his wife is the mother of Ma Te. They could just have downplayed the password because it really got to me. I was like enough with the password already. I kept thinking the ingredients are top class but the recipe was mediocre.

IU and JGS is just so good. They were naturals when showing their angst. The idea of the drama is definitely great but the execution lack lustre. It started great but towards the ends the episodes just felt weak. Don' t get me wrong it wasn't bad but it's not the type that I would watch again and again. But if your a fan of JGS then this would be heaven coz those close-ups and gaze are just soooo good.


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My Drama List Part 1

I find it daunting to write about the dramas that I have finished watching. Why? It’s because of the sheer number of it. Hence, I decided to just present to you the titles and what I think about it. I was able to watch these titles by recommendation and endorsement of people I know. Thank you guys by the way :). So here it goes…


I happen to watch an episode of this in the local network and this pique my interest. It was about Pal gang who works for an insurance company. She’s immature with no sense of responsibility and somehow who cares about looking good and shopping to ensnare a man. But because of a tragic incident ( just like in any drama) she was forced to take responsibility of her five adopted siblings. From a young lady with no cares she now has to take the role as both mother and father to her siblings. There were some comedic moments as she learns the way at the same time heart squeezing moments (that’s what family drama does to you).

To take care of the kids she has to work odd jobs and this one is hilarious since she really has limited skill set. Eventually she ended up as a house keeper of Wong Kang Ha played by Kim Ji Hoon ( the main reason I love this drama…weeee!) He also works as the lawyer in the insurance company who Pal Gang likes. He’s cold, arrogant and keeps to himself. ( OH how we love those cold icy ones…:) ) She ends smuggling the little kids to Kang ha’s home. And the journey of melting the iceberg begins. This drama includes a birth secret. The things that I like about this drama includes the children who are very adorable and charms themselves to your heart. Another is the banter between the two leads. It was so much fun to see Kim Ji Hoon’s character comes alive when he’s with Pal Gang.

If you want a lighthearted family drama that would make you laugh, cry and smile you would probably enjoy this. 🙂


I decided to watch because I saw a co-worker of mine religiously watches the episodes everyday since it was shown in our local network. You have four ajhussi at the prime of their lives who have been best friends for years and witness the struggle of each both in love and life. What I remember most is the story between Kim Do Jin ( Jang Dong Gun) & Seo Yi Soo ( Kim ha Neul). Some of their scenes are really cute. But what I remember most is how Kim Do Jin eyes when he looks at her. Damn those eyes. Though I find Seo Yi Soo’s character immature for the age it suppose to play. The bromance between the four is so much fun. I could definitely say that those four have chemistry.

It’s good but it could be better. Entertainment value of this one is good I guess but if you’re the type who loves to analyze what drives the character then brace yourself for some disappointment. But hey it’s cute. Sex in the City (male version ) wannabe? It’s for you to judge. 🙂

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Bel Ami- Introduction

Trying to escape from humdrum of my ordinary life I pluck out my drama list. A fan girl deems a drama list necessary. 🙂 It's a menu that I could choose from depending on my mood. There are days when I just want to laugh and feel giddy and some days I just want adventure and days I just want my tear ducts to work. Name it the list should have it.

As I went over my buffet of titles I came across the title Bel Ami. And of course ,before you commit to spending 16 hours watching something, you have to do a little bit of research. Before you invest (that would mean your TIME) do your market research (that would be GOOGLING it!).

It is about Dogko Ma Te played by Jang Geun Suk. ( I first saw JGS in the drama He's Beautiful and Love Rain. Without a doubt this guy has an appeal that even I have difficulty to describe.)A handsome man who gets money and gifts from rich women. With just one look at / from him the women in this drama literally goes gaga and would do anything for him (at times it was funny and other times it was irritating). Ma Te was not born rich. He grew up in a poor neighborhood with his mother not knowing his father. His mother dies. The devastation of this loss drives him to want to be successful×922.jpg

This is Hong Yoo Ra played by Han Chae Young. (HCY is the love interest of Ji-Hoo in BOF). She's obviously beautiful, rich and cunning. Still can't decide if she's downright evil and cunning or a woman who is manipulative but still owns a conscience. ( Will let you know when I do the post mortem of this drama 🙂 )When Ma Te's mom dies Yoo Ra comes into the scene wanting to train Ma Te by letting Ma Te seduce different women and wants him to learn from each of them. What's in it for Yoo Ra? She wants to use Ma Te as a weapon to exact revenge against her ex mother in law whose husband happens to be the Chairman of a large corporation and the father of Ma Te.

Meet Kim Bo Tong played by IU. She is the daughter of the friend of Ma Te's mom. She has been in love with Ma Te since she was in high school. He ' s the only man for her. (Another victim of unrequited love. ) She's innocent and pure and would do anything for her oppa despite his not-so good- treatment of her.

This is David Choi played by Lee Jang woo. He s a Marketing Director who is the male version of Kim Bo Tang and falls for her.





I have already finished half of the episodes.So far I am enjoying it since it's different from the usual romantic/ comedy despite its low ratings in Korea. Hence, I learned that ratings should not be the basis of deciding if you will watch a drama or not. You will never know what you're missing out on. As Ma Te learns lessons on life and business I am also learning. It's the type of drama that would make one think and reflect. As they learn about life they will also discover love. ( to be continued)


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First Venture

I always wanted to write but never got around to doing it…until now. Lack of time and endless excuses has been the obstacle. What should I write about? I have always been a fan girl. A fan of books, movies,drama and stories life has to offer. Now I have an avenue to let it all out. My thoughts and my ideas may not be to the liking of others but hey they are mine. 🙂

Three months ago I was able to watch a K-drama and for some reason I got hooked. During this span of time was able to finish 27 dramas and no plans of stopping yet :). What made it fun for me was being able to share the stories and the feelings with some close friends of mine. Next thing you know they are also now hooked. 🙂 So a friend of mine casually mentioned why not write my thoughts and they’ll read it so they know what to watch next. The catalyst of this venture is now revealed. 🙂 Let me see where this takes me…Just wanted to share my enthusiasm and maybe just maybe bring joy to others.


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